“Having an element of warranty left for the buyers piece of mind is of great assistance” confirms Green. “Buyers can bid or purchase with confidence knowing that should there be significant issues with a vehicle, they will have support from the brand to have rectified”.

“Most fleet are run for three to four years so I think over time, competition will drive more and more OEM’s will move to five years warranties, just as capped price servicing have been widely adopted”.

So what does Green think about the announcement by Holden to offer different warranty terms for fleet and private buyers?

“As I understand, there is a 200,000km cap on fleet, government and rental buyers under their new five year warranty. I believe 200,000kms enables fleets to operate efficiently and shouldn’t impact there ‘normal usage’. Perhaps having a limit on LCV’s may impact prices a little however, most other vehicles in Holden’s line up wouldn’t ordinarily do 200,000kms over a five year period. This should limit any impact to RV’s”.